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Are Obagi Hydro Drops Good For Oily Or Dry Skin?


Skincare serums come in all shapes and sizes, meaning that they can be used to address a variety of skin issues. If your current skincare routine doesn’t include a facial serum, then it’s time to relook at this vital skincare product and see how it could benefit your skin.

Serum for Dry Skin

If your complexion is typically dry throughout the year, it might be a good idea to use a hydrating serum all year round. For some, however, it’s the approach of colder weather that signals the onset of seasonal skin dryness and with it, the need for a hydrating skin serum.

After all, the cold massively impacts the complexion and when the temperature plummets, so do our moisture levels. Dryness is an obvious consequence of lower outdoor humidity, but it’s also worsened by central heating, open fires and steaming hot baths or showers. Not forgetting that we’re less inclined to drink water when it’s colder. All in all, it’s a recipe for dry, inflamed, irritated, flaky skin and even more reason for providing your skin with the extra help and support that it needs during this time of year.

The clinically proven Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops™ Facial Serum, is a lightweight hydrating facial serum that harnesses the power of natural active ingredients by suspending them using microfluid technology to maintain their purity.

Star ingredients in this potent formulation include the purest form of antioxidant Abyssinian Hibiscus Oil  to nourish dry, dehydrated skin and Omega – 9 and Omega – 6 fatty acids, essential components that support the skin’s natural barrier by retaining moisture as well as protecting against free radicals and sun damage.

It’s so effective that consumer results over a 3-week study showed that 91% of users said that their skin felt smoother, 84% said that their skin felt refreshed and 80% said that their skin was more hydrated. This really is the facial serum to use for a wonderfully year-round smooth and nourished complexion.

Obagi Daily Hydro Drops

Wondering what else you should be using for dry skin? Obagi Hydro-Drops™ are the perfect complement to clinically proven daily hydrator, Obagi Hydrate®. They also work in perfect synchronicity with Obagi Professional-C® Serums, for added nourishment, antioxidant and antiaging action and unrivalled skin radiance.

Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops™
Obagi Professional-C® Serum 20%

Serum for Oily Skin

When the skin’s natural barrier isn’t functioning properly, you’re much more likely to develop problem skin whether that be dry, scaly skin, sensitivity and itchiness, rough discoloured patches, or acne and pimples. With this last concern, it can be tempting not to moisturise in case it exacerbates the problem.

It’s true that certain ingredients can strip the skin of moisture and inflame acne, but good oils can counteract and reduce the number of bad oils that are made by the skin. Ideally, use a moisturiser with a higher water content because this will support your skin’s natural barrier, the first line of defence against weather, germs and all your skincare enemies.

This means that Obagi Hydro-Drops™, is the ideal face serum for oily skin too. Abyssinian oil supplies intense hydration without feeling greasy or blocking pores, thanks to its non-comedogenic properties whilst anti-ageing Hibiscus Oil fights against free radical damage as well as gently exfoliating, to leave a healthy, ultra-radiant complexion.

How to Apply Serum on Face

It couldn’t be easier to apply a face serum. Once you’ve cleansed and toned, put a few drops of  Obagi Hydro-Drops™ on your fingertips and massage the oil evenly into your face, neck and décolleté in place of, or before applying your moisturiser. You can do this as part of your morning and evening skincare routine.

So, whether you have dry or oily skin, hydrating face serum is a worthy investment, sure to bring a noticeable improvement to your skin’s appearance.

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