Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops™ Facial Serum 30ml

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What is it?
Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops
™ is a lightweight, non-comedogenic, hydrating serum that leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

What does it do?
Using microfluid technology to suspend the purest forms of Abyssinian Hibiscus Oils separately, Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops™ is free from emulsifiers, allowing for instant infusion upon application for more radiant, healthy-looking skin with continued use.

Omega-9 and Omega-6 fatty acids support the skin's natural barrier function to retain moisture, as well as protect against free radicals, UV damage and other environmental factors. Additional antioxidant protection, plus Vitamin B3 can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time.

What makes the Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops™ unique?
Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops™ is hypoallergenic, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested, meaning it is safe for use around the eyes. Suitable for those with sensitive or irritated skin due to the exclusion of emulsifiers, can sometimes increase the irritation potential of a product in those with sensitive skin.

Consumer Results:

  • 91% said skin feels smoother
  • 84% said skin feels refreshed
  • 80% said skin feels hydrated

*Results based on a 3-week study. Data on file at Obagi® Cosmeceuticals LLC.

Myth: “Oily skin does not need a moisturiser.”
Fact: 'Good' oils can actually counteract and therefore reduce the 'bad' oils that are overproduced in oily skin. Those with Oily skin types should focus on a higher water content moisturiser, rather than an oil.

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Gentle, all-day hydration
Lightweight, hydrating serum
Emulsifier-free to reduce irritation
Supports your skin's natural barrier function
Hypoallergenic and safe for use around the eyes
Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles over time
Isoplentix Technology to preserve the purest forms of Hibiscus and Abyssinian Oil

How to use

Apply to thoroughly cleansed and toned skin in place of, or before your moisturiser. Suitable to use morning or evening.


11 reviews for Obagi Daily Hydro-Drops™ Facial Serum 30ml

  1. Dani

    5 stars! This is like a drink of water for your skin! Leaves my skin so smooth and hydrated all day,!

  2. Lisa

    The fluid glides over my skin, absorbing quickly with no tacky feeling afterwards. My skin still feels like my skin, only better. Silkier, smoother, and plumper. Not only that, but it actually looks healthier, brighter, and more glowy. I love these drops, they really are affordable luxury skincare that’s worth every penny.

  3. Emma

    This product is amazing, it sinks into my skin and my skin feels soooo smooth. I love how glowy my skin looks.

  4. Claire

    Absolutely delighted by this serum! Hydration and glow with absolutely no sticky residue either. My face seemed to be brighter and plumper with only a few uses, really impressed and love how my make up applied on top of it as well

  5. Lucy

    LOVE this product! I have nearly finished my first bottle. I have very problematic skin, I have always suffered from oily skin and Acne and I am currently using medication (for my skin) that can make my skin more dry and sensitive to most products. You can imagine it’s a bit of a minefield when I am trying out skincare!… However, this has been such an easy product to add to my daily routine. It gentle enough to use every day and leaves my skin feeling glowy and hydrated. I use this as a moisturiser in the morning and in the evening I can layer on top of my medicated cream before bed.

  6. Donna Ida Thornton

    I applied this to clean skin and it feels amazing. It is really, really light which is so important to me because I just don’t like anything that makes my skin feel heavy or clogged.
    I find usually I can’t leave oils on my skin as they are too heavy, and I’m worried they will block my pores. But I can leave this on my skin as it feels light, as it is more like a serum.

  7. Rory

    I sincerely loved these Daily Hydro-Drops. A real nice facial serum which I have used in the morning and evening after cleaning my face. I liked it that it feels lightweight. It hydrates my skin and my skin also feels refreshed. It feels like it gives a ‘glow’ to my facial skin. I can’t prove it but it seems that my wrinkles look more ‘soft’ and less visible.

  8. Janine Dekkers

    I just ordered my second bottle. My skin feels so soft, a little plumping, glowy and looks bright. I use it twice a day.

  9. Rachel

    I absolutely love this product for added hydration & when I feel my skin needs pepped up. I’ve also bought a couple for gifts & they’ve loved it too! Would highly recommend this product.

  10. Natalia Lukazs

    The BEST product for a glow on the market! I’ve been using it for a few months and love it.

  11. Toni

    This product has changed my skin. The glow that I now have is amazing. I also suffered with some dermatitis due to wearing a mask and this removed all redness. Absolutely love!

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Understanding the Power of Skincare

What is Isoplentix Technology?

Isoplentix microfluid technology suspends Vitamin B3, Abyssinian oil and Hibiscus oil in the purest forms.

Which moisturiser can I use with oily skin?

Moisturisers with a higher water content are best for oily skin.

Ingredient Spotlight

Beautiful Skincare backed by Science

Hibiscus Oil

Hibiscus oil is rich in anti-ageing and free radical-fighting antioxidants. The native flower of Malaysia, Hibiscus is incredibly moisturising, leaving skin feeling hydrated and looking radiant. Hibiscus oil is also rich in natural acids that gently exfoliate your skin and boost skill cell turnover

Abyssinian Oil

Abyssinian oil contains an abundance of beneficial nutrients, including omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, plus  Vitamins A, B, C and E. Lightweight in texture, Abyssinian Oil provides intense hydration without feeling greasy or blocking pores, thanks to its non-comedogenic properties


Meadowfoam seed oil acts as an emollient, meaning it creates a protective seal when applied topically to the skin, smoothing skin and locking in moisture. Non-greasy, so it won't block pores, Meadowfoam Oil is rich in the beneficial long-chain fatty acids omega 3 and 6

Obagi Hydrators

Get instant and all-day hydration with Obagi Hydrators.

As you age, your skin’s natural barrier function needs daily hydration and support to protect it against external threats, such as infectious agents and allergens, and to help prevent water loss in the skin.

Dermatologically-tested, the Obagi Hydrator range of moisturisers are non-comedogenic so won’t block pores, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and designed to help enhance skin smoothness.

Available in varying formulas, including an overnight balm-like texture, and innovative lightweight drops to support your skin’s natural barrier function.