SUZANOBAGIMD Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex

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SUZANOBAGIMD Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex has been formulated to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while improving your skin’s overall texture and tone.

SUZANOBAGIMD Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex contains a revolutionary combination of ingredients. Retinaldehyde, retinoid (Vitamin A) and Peptides, to create a truly effective formula while also minimising irritation, with little-to-no downtime. Suitable for even sensitive skin types.

Retinoids are the most commonly used ingredient to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and other signs of skin ageing. Non-prescription forms of Vitamin A are converted in the body; while Retinol undergoes a two-step oxidation process, Retinaldehyde is directly converted into retinoic acid by the skin. Retinaldehyde has been shown to improve the appearance of skin firmness and elasticity, including fine lines and wrinkles. SUZANOBAGIMD Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex uses Retinaldehyde, a well-tolerated ingredient for all skin types including sensitive or delicate skin.

Additional ingredients including peptides and antioxidants work together to enhance results and provide protection against free radicals, while Chamomile Extract soothes the skin.

SUZANOBAGIMD™ is suitable for use alongside Obagi Medical Products.

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Chamomile Extract soothes the skin
Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Added Peptides and Antioxidants enhance results
With key ingredient Retinaldehyde, which is easily converted by the skin

How to use

Apply to thoroughly cleansed and toned skin each evening. Gently massage 2-3 pumps all over the face (including under eye area) and bring down onto the neck for more even coverage.


7 reviews for SUZANOBAGIMD Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex

  1. Nicole Baic

    I love how it feels on the skin. I use it 3 times a week and can notice that my skin feels like polished and has a glow. I really love it and will order it again!

  2. Nguyen Ha

    My friend recommended this product to me, she started to use it a couple of months ago. I noticed her skin was so smooth and I wanted that for myself too, so I bought one for me. 2 weeks in and I am loving it!

  3. Sara Hernandez

    Great retinol product for sensitive skin, never leaves my skin dry or irritated, it’s so smooth, I love it. The only thing I know and feel I have to say is using SPF after is very important, because the skin is more sensitive after retinols.

  4. Ekaterina

    I love using this around my eyes, because there is absolutely no irritation at all and I can see my lines improving.

  5. Lina79

    This is the best retinoid product I used so far, it’s so gentle, there’s no peeling, and it doesn’t dry out my skin, even in the winter. Very smooth texture!

  6. Emilija

    My skin was rough and I invested in this product. Thank god I did, because my face finally feels smooth and the rough texture is disappearing. I will recommend this to anyone.

  7. Manuela

    Skincare takes time! I used this for a month and half, and it wasn’t obvious at first, but my skin looks actually better! My skin texture became smoother and the lines were starting to become less noticeable. Now that I have run out and haven’t used it in a couple of weeks, I notice the difference, so I just bought another one. The crème is very smooth and nice to apply too.

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Understanding the Power of Skincare

Who is Dr Suzan Obagi?

Dr. Suzan Obagi is recognised as one of the world’s most respected cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists. Her interest in skin health and restoration has led to multiple peer-reviewed journal articles and chapters in premier textbooks on dermatologic, plastic and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Suzan Obagi partnered with Obagi Medical to develop the brand’s newest product line; SUZANOBAGIMD.

When should I use SUZANOBAGIMD Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex?

SUZANOBAGIMD Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex is best used in the evenings.

Which ingredient improves fine lines and wrinkles?

SUZANOBAGIMD Retivance® Skin Rejuvenating Complex contatins Retinaldehyde, which has been shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

How is retinol converted to retinoic acid?

Retinaldehyde is directly converted into retinoic acide by your skin. Retinaldehyde is converted into retinoic acid approximately 11 x faster than retinol.

How does Retinaldehyde convert to retinoic acid?

Retinaldehyde is directly converted into retinoic acide by your skin. Retinaldehyde is converted into retinoic acid approximately 11 x faster than retinol

Ingredient Spotlight

Beautiful Skincare backed by Science

Chamomile Extract

Chamomile extract can help with breakouts and eczema due to it’s powerful anti-inflammatory properties. It is also known to improve the skin’s natural glow and soothe dermatitis.

Argan Oil

Argan oil is extracted from the seeds of the Argania Spinosa plant. Argan oil has been shown to offer many benefits to the skin, including anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant protection. Argan oil hydrates and smooths skin.


Retinol (Vitamin A) works by triggering faster skin cell turnover, generating new skin cells, resulting in smoother and more even-looking skin. Retinol helps to unclog pores, smooth skin, reduce pigmentation, promote skin renewal and brighten your skin.


The SUZANOBAGIMD range has been formulated to cleanse, protect, and renew your skin with its unique line of scientifically formulated products, developed by Dr Suzan Obagi herself.

SUZANOBAGIMD is ideal for those of you looking for simple, yet effective skincare products that are gentle on sensitive skin. Each product has been dermatologist tested, is hypoallergenic and non-sensitising. SUZANOBAGIMD products are deliberately made without parabens, synthetic fragrances or dyes.

With a combination of clinically-proven ingredients and antioxidants the SUZANOBAGIMD range, reveals healthier-looking, more radiant skin, by addressing common skin ageing concerns for all skin types, including:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rough, uneven skin textures
  • Dull, lackluster complexions
  • Delicate and sensitive skins